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Free Tibet drops banner at Westminster Bridge urging boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

ANI – 23 June



China controls the IOC and Olympic sponsors the way it governs its citizens: Through fear

Washington Post – 14 April 



Hundreds from Tibetan, Uyghur, Hong Kong communities protest in France against Beijing Winter Olympics

Sify – 24 June



Brussels conference calls for Beijing to be stripped of 2022 Winter Olympics over human rights abuses, or face boycott!

“I hope that all the EU countries could get together to decide to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics”, said Finnish Green MEP Alviina Alametsa.

EU TODAY – 8 March



Bach claims IOC “not a super-world Government” as Beijing 2022 criticism grows

International Olympic Committee (IOC) “is willing to hold a genocidal Games” by staging the Winter Olympics in Beijing, human rights groups claimed

Inside The Games – 12 March



Shiffrin calls for “more consideration” when selecting Olympic hosts amid Beijing 2022 controversy

“you certainly don’t want to be put in the position” of choosing between “human rights and being able to do your job”

Inside The Games – 4 March



Winter Olympics: Is it time to boycott Beijing 2022?

As accusations of genocide of Uighurs in China grow, more people are asking whether it is right to attend Winter Olympics

The Times – 7 March



Beijing 2022: China hits back at Canada over calls to move Winter Olympics

Future generations may wonder, if these Games indeed go ahead, how the world in 2021 could have been so callously indifferent.

South China Morning Post – 24 Feb



We can’t fall for China’s propaganda Olympics and beat them with batons

If the test for boycotting the 2022 Winter Games is whether Beijing has embarked on genocide, the case is surely closed

The Times – 25 Feb



The International Olympic Committee has failed to act despite the clear evidence of GENOCIDE, WORSENING HUMAN RIGHTS and POLITICAL BULLYING

Now it is time for Governments, Sponsors and those committed to freedom and justice to say NoBeijing2022 and to push back against China’s reprehensible human rights abuses and global bullying tactics

“China’s government sees human rights as an existential threat. Its reaction could pose an existential threat to the rights of people worldwide.”